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How to Edit Your Artwork in Photoshop to Use on Products, Paper Goods and MORE!

I used to take SO much time editing my work in Photoshop...  

Using the eraser tool for COUNTLESS hours, trying to get rid of that pesky paper background so I could turn my own artwork into phone cases, pillows, prints...YOU NAME IT!  

Not anymore!  

Today, I follow an embarrassingly simple 3-ish step process to digitizing my watercolor.  

I spent months trying to tweak this process because I knew that I will be repeating it hundreds of times to come.  

In this FREE course, I teach you the 3-ish step process that I make sure to follow now! 

A good routine every artist (whether you're a watercolorist or not!) should have when digitizing their work and using Photoshop! Over time, having a streamlined the process of digitizing is incredibly helpful:  

• You will know how to properly scan your own artwork so it doesn't look low-res • You will understand the proper tools to use in Photoshop to speed up the editing process • You will learn how to properly save your art files (color mode, dpi, etc.), so they look best for print and web  


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Your price: FREE (for a limited time)  

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Here's what I'll be teaching...


Supplies and settings to use for a high-quality scan of your artwork

What's the difference between RGB and CMYK? What in the world is DPI?! I'll walk you through all of that so you become a scanning pro!


How I remove the grey paper texture and make other small edits  

In this lesson, I'm demystifying those complicated tools in Photoshop and which ones to use to get rid of that pesky paper background on your work!


Using two tricks to create an pattern  

This is the bread and butter of being able to work in art licensing and stationery design. In this lesson I'll show you how to create a pattern with your work so you can start showcasing your skills and attracting brands to work with you!

Don't wait! This training is invaluable! 

Normal price: $97  

Your price: FREE (if you grab it now!)  

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